Rubber type parts There will be many types Each type is different, such as the flexibility of the rubber to choosing the right type for the part is an important factor in making your parts efficient and effective for their intended purpose. Please feel free to consult us.


Silicone rubber has distinctive features. Once resistant is wide range of temperatures (-60 - 200 degrees). The internal structure is fine. Make the skin material soft. good flexibility Can be used as components for electronics, electrical work, automotive work, etc.


Urethane rubber resists to heat, high pressure and impact. It can be formed by turning, milling and ability to bond to metals or plastics. This material suitable for the produce tool parts of various machines, alloy parts of automobile parts, etc.


Chloroprene Rubber (CR) or Neoprene Rubber is abrasion resistant material and flamibility resistance. When it catch fire, it will be extinguished by itself.This type of rubber is widely to used in the automotive industry.


NBR rubber is a copolymer synthetic rubber material. This material resists to heat, oil and chemicals but will notwithstanding UV radiation. Therefore, the best function of NBR's products is resistant to oil such as car belts, conveyor belts, yoga mats, etc.
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