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2in1 sand blasting machine Added screw cleaning feature Can be polished with both screws and other workpieces.

Blasting processing is the one of methods to make the effect to the surface of workpiece. And the purpose are deburring, surface design, add the function and etc. By Air blasting, wet blasting and shot blasting (Impellor).

Standard model suctionblast machine. Add a turntable item to shot the workpiece at any point as desired.

Surface treatment has a main objective. to change the surface and increase the function of the workpiece But there are many ways to do the skin.

This article will talk about deburring. And what are the burr? Let's read together.

Inspection and repair shotblast machines by a team of professional technicians.

Shotblast service by Automatic machine

No matter what brand of machine, we can maintain it.

Rotary Hanger Shot blasting machine (Used machine)

High speed barrel for Jewelry / Gold / Silver

Daichu Shot blasting machine Inspection & Maintenance

Special design for steel media air blasting with high pressure system.

If you need monthly PM Service and maintenance please contact us! Now we have project by monthly service with public company limited.

Relocation installation machine by Engineer

Rubber deflashing processing machine and service

Shot peening machine inspection and maintenance

Barrel for surface treatment technology

Blasting Room Cart (20Ton)

New Shot blast machine Delivery & Installation

Korean Shot blasting machine inspection

Dry Barrel Machine / Metal surface treatment

Machine checking service Free! We would make the quotation of part and maintenance to send to you.

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